World Anthropology Congress - Internship Program - 2023

The 19th IUAES -WAU World Anthropology Congress-2023 to be held at New Delhi announces World Anthropology Congress Internship Program 2023 under the broader umbrella structure of IUAES Internship Program.

IUAES is undertaking unique and innovative Internship Programs as opportunities to younger scholars for staying connected to various scientific commissions through the Council of Commission and its quadrennial World Congresses.

Currently there are two types of Internship Programs

  • (i) Council of Commission Internship and
  • (ii) World Anthropology Congress Internship .

While more information on the former can be obtained from IUAES face book or by contacting the Head of Council of Commissions , the details of the later are given here .

The Internship Program is meant for research scholars registered for Ph.D /M.Phil course in anthropology or allied disciplines in any university. The purpose is to build up academic competencies in the disciplinary practices of world anthropologies.

The upcoming World Anthropology Congress – 2023 in New Delhi becomes a context where interns get involved as, but do not remain confined to the role of volunteers. The international team of interns are supposed to extend technical support in terms of conference media, branding, preparation of book of abstracts, conference stationary off /on site management of conference spaces, academic edifice of the conference and beyond. At the same time interns will be exposed to international authorities in various sub-fields of anthropology .The program will begin from December 2021 and continue for nearly one year. A team of international experts shall be mentoring and grooming with personal touch. The scholars would give at least 2 hours in a week and up to 10 hours in a month. Certificate of completion will be issued to successful interns by IUAES and congress organizers. Interested candidates may apply online along with a recent CV and a passport size photograph.

A brief para on current research and future plans (250 words) is desirable. Applications may be sent to : before 25th November 2021 (Date Extended on Popular Demand). Limited seats are available for such a life time opportunity. Scholars aspiring to attain a global pitch in the world of anthropology are encouraged to apply. We are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion on the basis of gender, caste, ethnicity, disability, specialization and interdisciplinarity and geographical representation.